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How TENS Units Can Help Treat Depression

Posted by Sean on 2/20/2017 to Electrotherapy

Depression is one of the most common psychological disorders, which can often be crippling. There is often something one can do about this, but it is also a slow process and things like psychotherapy and medication does not always work for everyone. There are also side effects that one has to deal with when turning to medication. You may feel desperate when your depression is severe and you are even struggling to get out of bed in the morning.


However, there is more and more research that is taking place all the time. Recently, there are people that have had much success with Tens units. This is a type of therapy, which is almost like a massage. It works on with a machine where electrodes are stuck on certain parts of the body.


This is then, connected to the machine. The patient is stimulated because of the process, and begins to feel a lot better after the sessions over time. Usually, this can last 6 months, but they will start to notice the difference as time goes on.


The Tens units produce sensations which help create more of a balance. Endorphins are created, along with other chemicals which help reduce the depression. This is especially useful for people who have been suffering with chronic depression. It is something that you can eventually do on your own in the home environment. There are certain parts of the body that this can be more effective, for example, it can be work well when the electrodes are placed on the hands as well as around the heart.


Of course, this is not going to take the depression away completely. Therapists will say that whatever therapy you are having, it is still important to deal with the issue, simply by talking. There may be underlying issues that you are struggling with. One should look at the routine as well as the practical aspects, such as the creative process and as well as sticking to an exercise program and getting enough sleep.


However, this type of therapy has definitely proven to be effective in the long run. In addition to this there are other disorders that come along with depression which it can be used for. For example, one may feel that they are less anxious. It can be a good idea to get into this habit of using tens units in the morning before starting the day. This can help you feel more relaxed and calm before starting the day. It can definitely help someone who feels more anxious.


With less depression in your life, you are obviously going to feel as if you have a better quality of life. Your relationships begin to improve. You feel as if you have more energy during the day, and this is going to help you with your professional as well as your personal life. 



Joel Rick
Date: 8/19/2017
Date: 7/15/2019
Dont put TENS electrodes across your heart. This is dissuaded as part of every other discussion I have read about TENS.
Jim Perlikiewicz
Date: 5/26/2021
Curious what settings were used, where were pads placed, how long was it used and what time of day. Would like to try as I have trouble sleeping.
Date: 11/23/2022
Where do I stick the pads?
Joe D Cox
Date: 1/10/2023
I believe in order for the tens device to help with depression. You will need ear clips instead of stick pads.
Linda May
Date: 2/10/2023
I used the tens machine when I was suffering depression ! I also suffer from dillussions, auditory hallucinations, and visual hallucinations at different waves of my scitzoeffective disorder! At the time I was so ill I spent most of my time in bed! I couldn’t cook,drive or function very well! I read an article on using clips on the machine and attaching them to your ear! I was prescribed a machine! Faithfully each morning I used the machine for 6 months and slowly my worst symptoms subsided! Unfortunately as is the case with such disorders you still go through good times, better times and very bad times but the use of the machine got me out of bed and functioning better!
Date: 6/20/2023 6:15:18 AM
Hello, can you give me all the details of the settings of the tens(Hz, ms, duration) as well as the number of cycles per day and the ideal sensation felt according to the intensity? Thanks in advance
Date: 5/24/2023
Which unit would be best for someone struggling with manic depression and anxiety ?
TENS Pros Management
Date: 5/25/2023 10:37:39 AM
It may be worthwhile to consider speaking with a healthcare practitioner about trying something like Vagus Nerve Stimulation, utilizing a portable TENS/Microcurrent device, such as our InTENSity Micro Combo (Part #: DI9698), together with Ear Clip Electrodes (Part #: EAE01).

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