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Posted by Sean on 3/2/2017 to Electrotherapy


Pains are of various kinds. Pains differ down to their causes and symptoms. Quite similarly, there are techniques, exercises and medicines that can kill your pain. There are preventions and cures in abundance around you. It is all about selecting the right one.

TENS is an obvious option that is used now widely as an alternative to painkilling medications. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation simply known as TENS is a treatment for pain basically through low-voltage electric current. It uses a very small pocket size battery-operated machine. Two electrodes pass an electric current to your skin. The electrodes are usually placed on the pain spot or at some pressure point, generating a circuit of electric impulses that travel along nerve fibers.

You are required to wear the machine. The machine is closely attached through wires and sticky pads that are stuck to your body. Very short electric waves are passed to your body. As the electricity passes from the machine to your body, your nerves get stimulated in the affected area that is followed by receiving signals in your brain of blocking or reducing the feelings of acute pains.

This provides an immediate comfort against pains. Various feedbacks and different reviews prove this exercise a successful one. The complete process is simple, small and essentially has no major side effects. Also this process of electric stimulation of the nerves may help the body and goes one step ahead through subsequently stimulating and producing natural painkillers called endorphins, which may block the stimulation of pain. So you get a long term relief as a byproduct.

You can very easily handle and set the machine for different wavelengths and frequencies to ensure a desired and smooth flow of electric current and for required intensity of electrical current. A physical healer, instructor or a doctor usually determines and sets these settings for you keeping in view your needs and limitations. Later on, you can do TENS at home without really an instructor yourself.

TENS machines are widely used to get rid of different pains for various types of ailments. Mostly, it is used to cure muscle, joint, or bone problems or for conditions such as low back pain, neck pain. It is also used to relieve bursting pains like labor pain as well as pains that occur due to different cancers. TENS provides very good relief for various skin and irritation syndromes that have essentially no other suitable treatment.

Across the globe, scientists are continuously looking for gauging the effectiveness of TENS machines and their future implications and effects. Of course, much research is still required to assess the actual effect of using TENS. At present, TENS machines are proving as a popular form of pain reliever. Like other methods of cure, the outcome of TENS is variable and not constant for each and every patient alike.  

Like any other electric machines, TENS machine also needs to be used with safety and precautions. It is better if an expert be consulted before actually using the machine yourself. Usually the other medical treatments go side by side and therefore proper care must be taken to avoid complications.




Garry Blankenship
Date: 5/10/2019
Hi ,I bought ur intensity 10 & wondering which rechargeable battery I can use w/o buying an external charger ,hopefully it can charge @ home while its hooked up to our 110 outlet while in use. Otherwise its an AWESOME unit. Thank u

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