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Interferential (IF)

What is Interferential?
Interferential (IF) therapy targets the nerves but is more intended for deep chronic pain where TENS is not effective. IF stimulates muscles in a wide variety of protocols and helps relieve deep tissue pain through penetration that can be adjusted to stimulate nerve fibers for increased blood flow. Common uses are pre- and post-orthopedic surgery, joint injury syndrome, cumulative trauma disorders, increasing blood circulation and pain control.

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IF 4000 Dual Channel Interferential Unit
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InTENSity IF Combo TENS & Interferential Combination Unit
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InTENSity IF Combo II - Rechargeable TENS & Interferential (IF) Combo Device
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Twin Stim Plus 3rd Edition - 4 Channel Digital TENS, EMS, IF & Russian Unit
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Out of Stock - Expected Aug. 2024
IF 4K Digital Interferential Unit
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