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US 1000 vs. US Pro 2000 Portable Ultrasound Devices

Posted by Sean on 1/25/2017


US PRO 1000

US PRO 2000

Is a portable therapeutic ultrasound device, which is able to generate ultrasonic waves to help relieve pain from your body’s tissue, joint stiffness, and muscle spasms.

Is a therapeutic ultrasound device, of a clinical grade; which is designed to help relieve pain.

This is not like electrical modalities, as it offers a unique ultrasound experience. The system is not electromagnetic in nature, and offers a longitudinal waveform.

The sound waves used in the machine travel deep into the tissue and persuade vasodilation. This helps in increasing blood flow to the area and offers a pain relieving process and helps reduce muscle spasms.


The US PRO 2000, comes with a soundhead pre-warming feature, that allows to increase patient comfort. Before you begin therapy, this soundhead automatically preheats to a level where it offers a comfortable and warm session.

The US PRO 1000 uses a piezoelectric crystal converter, that helps converts electric energy into a vibratory sound wave; that is strong in nature. On the same hand, the sound is so mild that it cannot be heard by humans.

Once the therapy begins the preheat function turns off, and allows for an effective treatment.

These sound waves are used to create vibration in your tissue cells, inducing vasodilation, and increasing temperature; which offers a great relief.

The US PRO 2000 comes with three different output intensities, and three different treatment time choices. This allows it to offer a wide range of treatments.

This will offer you the relief you are looking for, and offers an all controllable system; which is packed with 3 different output settings.

Its aluminium head is water tight, which means you can use it underwater for 30 minutes; while ensuring that it is only 1 meter deep. Keep in mind that just the metal part is watertight, and not the entire sound head.

The duration of the treatment should be determined by your healthcare provider, and usually ranges from 5 to 10 minutes. This will depend on the location and the depth of the condition. 

The therapeutic ultrasound unit, is ideal for anyone looking for a pain relief method that is not invasive.



As air is not a good sound conductor, this machine uses ultrasound gels that ensure that the sound wave energy is being transmitted to the skin.

With this, you will be able to live free of all pain meds or pills, as this is the same one used by your physical therapist or chiropractor.

This portable machine offers a non-invasive pain relief method, and you will not be required to take any medication. This is similar to what your physical therapist or chiropractor uses. But is specially designed to be used at home.


Product Features

This machine acts as a therapeutic ultrasound device, which offers deep heating to the area that has been affected.

Offers a 100% duty cycle, and operates in a continuous mode.

This device needs to be used with an ultrasound gel, so it can transmit the ultrasound energy to your skin.

Comes with a head warming feature, that offers an increase in the patient's care and comfort.

The US PRO 1000 offers a three power output setting option.

Offers a watertight feature for the aluminium head, and can be used 1 meter underwater for 10 minutes. Just the head, not the entire body.

It offers a three timer settings: which are 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or 15 minutes.

It offers three different timer settings: 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or 15 minutes.

It comes with a 1 year manufacture warranty

1 year manufacture warranty

The US PRO 1000 is recommended by doctors, and trusted by patients.

A design that is easy to hold, and portable at the same time.


Is trusted by patients, and recommended by doctors.

Package Includes

?      1x US 1000 3rd Edition

?      1x AC Adapter

?      2oz Tube of Ultrasound Gel

?      Hard Plastic Carrying Case

?      Instruction Manual

?      Ultrasound Device

?      2oz Ultrasound Gel

?      AC/DC Adapter

?      Hard Carrying Case

?      Quick Start Guide

?      Instruction Manual


The US PRO 1000 and the US PRO 2000 offer a range of functions that are quite similar, but on the contrary, there are features that the other does not support of offer. Both machines were designed to offer relief to patients, so they can gain a non-invasive  treatment. In order to draw a conclusion, we are required to offer a complete comparison. So let's start.


The US PRO 1000 offers a portable design, that can easily fit into your hand; and even your weekend bag. It comes in a case that holds the machine, gel, charger, and its manual.

The US PRO 2000 offers a bigger size, but offers a gripping support. It features a tall yet slim design, with the controls on the back. The device comes in a case that contains machine, gel, charger, and user manual.


Is available for $39.95

Is available for $149.95


The US PRO 1000 offers basic features that are required to offer a deep heat therapeutic ultrasound.

The US PRO 2000, on the other hand features some new features; such as:

-       Head warming

-       Watertight head

-       Pulsed or continuous

Final Verdict

The US PRO 1000 offers basic features, which are enough to keep your therapeutic needs in check. It comes as a price range that is more affordable and suitable considering its features. The device is easy to hold and use, and does not require any extra working. If you are looking for a basic device that offers deep heat ultrasound therapeutic without any additional features; this is the best considering its price.

The US PRO 2000 offers all the same basic features, and comes with a few changes. The major change is seen in the design, where this model offers a sleek and modern design. The device is easy to hold, and offers a head warming, and watertight head feature. These features were added to add an extra layer of comfort for the patient. The US PRO 2000 comes with a higher price tag when compared to the US PRO 1000. This is due to the added features, and new design. The technology used in this model is new.

Both devices are perfect for patients, but what the patient's needs are; and what is affordable for the patient is the question. The added features in the US PRO 2000 might not be a huge deal for many, and on the other hand they can mean the world to someone else. The choice in the end, that will help you decide which device is better are the wishes of the patient. As the basic features that have been added are the same, the PRO 2000 simply comes with a new design, and three added features. So if you are in the market for a portable ultrasound therapeutic machine, then these three options are your best choices. As they are from a company that promises reliability. Another major difference is that the US PRO offer two waveforms, and offers users a choice between pulsed or continuous.

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