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Where To Buy A Tens Unit?

Posted by Sean on 4/6/2017

Also known as a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation unit, the tens unit is used for dealing with pain conditions which are nerve related. The way such a unit works is by sending electric pulses on the surface of your skin and throughout the nervous strands. Thankfully, this will prevent the pain signals from reaching the brain. As a result, you will not have to deal with any pain ever again. It’s a much better way to handle any kind of pain, and in the end, you will feel better as well, which is imperative.

Where to put TENS Unit Electrode Pads For Sciatica

Posted by on 4/3/2017 to Electrotherapy

Sciatica is chronic pain that is felt along the sciatic nerve. This is from the lower back, through the buttocks and thighs and to the feet. This condition can be caused by a herniated disc, or spinal stenos are. This leads to inflammation of the nerve and thus the chronic pain. A Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation (TENS) unit can be used to pass small electric shocks that help to relieve the pain.

TENS vs EMS which is the best for you?

Posted by on 3/11/2017 to Electrotherapy

TENS vs EMS which is the best for you

On the off chance that you experience the ill effects of endless muscle or nerve pain, many may have known about an EMS or TENS unit could give you non-addictive, medicate relief. The EMS and TENS units are intense answers for the treatment of pain, it is vital to comprehend that these devices do not really work similarly.

They have a particular reason and is fruitful at facilitating the inconvenience of various conditions and relieving pain. Recognizing what separates them will guide you to choose on the off chance that you ought to pick a EMS unit, TENS stimulator or a device that offers dual EMS and TENS capacities.


Posted by Sean on 3/2/2017 to Electrotherapy

Pains are of various kinds. Pains differ down to their causes and symptoms. Quite similarly, there are techniques, exercises and medicines that can kill your pain. There are preventions and cures in abundance around you. It is all about selecting the right one.

How TENS Units Can Help Treat Depression

Posted by Sean on 2/20/2017 to Electrotherapy

Depression is one of the most common psychological disorders, which can often be crippling. There is often something one can do about this, but it is also a slow process and things like psychotherapy and medication does not always work for everyone. There are also side effects that one has to deal with when turning to medication. You may feel desperate when your depression is severe and you are even struggling to get out of bed in the morning.