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TheraTemp Moist Heat Therapy Packs
8 Different Size Heat Packs To Choose From!

TheraTemp Moist Heat Therapy Packs

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TheraTemp Moist Heat Packs are very commonly used by patients both at home and at the doctor's office or clinic, for providing temporary pain relief from such conditions as rheumatic and arthritic pain, muscle strains and spasms, carpal tunnel, migraine headaches, and more.

TheraTemp packs produce moist heat by drawing moisture from humidity in the air and retaining it in special therapeutic beads inside the material. Simply place the pack in the microwave to heat, and enjoy soothing comfort from the moist heat - no water needed.

Key Details:
  • Commonly recommended by doctors for the relief of chronic pain conditions.
  • Microwavable moist heat packs offer quick, convenient, and effective pain relief through deep-penetrating heat.
  • Therapeutic mineral beads collect and hold moisture from humidity in the air, and will never break down, dissolve, or develop an odor.
  • Made with soft fleece on one side for comfortable skin contact, and an insulated multi-ply fabric with a vapor barrier on the outside to help direct moisture and heat toward the body.
  • Elastic belts and straps with a hook/loop closure come included to hold each pack in place, allowing freedom of movement.
  • Available in 8 different sizes (Choose Option Above):
    • Universal Wraps - Ideal for use on most areas of the body
      • 6" x 12"
      • 9" x 12"
      • 12" x 16"
      • 14" x 18"
    • Contour Wraps - Designed for use on specific areas of the body
      • 6" x 24" Cervical/Neck Wrap
      • 9" x 18" Lumbar/Low Back Wrap
      • 10" x 3.5" Eye/Sinus Wrap
      • 5.5" x 12" Wrist Wrap

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