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Sleep-Assist™ Stimulating Better Sleep Aid

Sleep-Assist™ Stimulating Better Sleep Aid

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Sleep-Assist™ Stimulating Better Sleep Aid

The Sleep-Assist™ Stimulating Better Sleep Aid is a new, patented device designed to improve sleeping through accu-point massage. When a person is having sleep issues or can't get the best sleep throughout the night, the Sleep-Assist™ inner bio electronic chip is activated and will rapidly transmit the biological-pulse signal to the nerve center on the wrist.  According to research, there are 3 specific points on the wrist and when the Sleep-Assist™ is worn, small electrical pulses are emitted to relieve stress, making you sleep better.

When the Sleep-Assist™ Stimulating Better Sleep Aid is worn, the special biosensor with logic-control circuits sends 4-second electrical pulses periodically to help with sleep patterns. Even when sleeping, the brain senses this nerve stimulation, ultimately calming down the nerves to a more comfortable sleep pattern.  A drug-free way to improve sleep quality!


  • Reduce amount of wake up times throughout the night
  • Double Frequency massage lets you fall asleep quicker and easier
  • Greatly improve your sleeping quality and time
  • Relaxing sleep allows you to train and rebuild your biological clock
  • Easy button operation is convenience to use during sleep
  • Sleek wrist design makes it small and comfortable
  • Auto power off after 8 hours of use
The Better Sleep Aid

Package Includes

  • 1 x Sleep-Assist™ Stimulating Better Sleep Aid
  • 1 x Carry Case with Magnetic-Lock
  • 1 x Manual
  • 1 x AAA battery
  • 1 x 2oz Soothing Conductive Gel
The Better Sleep Massager

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