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Therapeutic Ultrasound

Posted by Sean on 9/15/2016 to Electrotherapy

Therapeutic ultrasound is a new form of ultrasound pain relief management. A treatment option which has been used since the 1940s by the physiotherapists. Although it was first tried in 1940s, it has gained popularity in the past few decades or so as pain management treatment.  The procedure of ultrasound is applied using head of an ultrasound machine probe which is placed in direct contact with your skin through a transmission coupling gel.

TENS Units for Sciatica

Posted by Manager on 9/12/2016 to Electrotherapy
Anyone who is unfortunate enough to be afflicted with sciatica will know what an absolute plague it can be on your day to day life. It makes performing even the most simple tasks a tedious drudgery. Happily, there are many steps that can be taken in order to soothe sciatic pain, and there's at least one which you can do every day, in your own home, at your own convenience. TENS machines are a valuable weapon in the fight against sciatica; they work quickly and effectively to soothe discomfort, and have tangibly improved the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. 
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