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Therapeutic Ultrasound

Posted by on 9/15/2016 to Electrotherapy

Therapeutic Ultrasound

Therapeutic ultrasound is a new form of ultrasound pain relief management. A treatment option which has been used since the 1940s by the physiotherapists. Although it was first tried in 1940s, it has gained popularity in the past few decades or so as pain management treatment.  The procedure of ultrasound is applied using head of an ultrasound machine probe which is placed in direct contact with your skin through a transmission coupling gel.

There are various machines available for therapeutic ultrasound. There are small portable ultrasound devices as well as multimodal devices which come with the option of ultrasound amongst other.

Therapeutic ultrasound can help in numerous ways. The effect of ultrasound through an increase in the blood flow, facilitates in reducing swelling and chronic inflammation and also helps healing of fractures. Therapeutic ultrasound is known to show significant increases in tissue relaxation, healing rates, tissue heating, local blood flow and scar tissue breakdown.

One of the common reasons therapeutic ultrasound is being opted is for managing lower back pain. There are two ways to get this treatment. Either by seeing a physiotherapist at his/her clinic who specializes in such treatment or by using a portable ultrasound home device which is particularly developed for this treatment.

There are basic two types of therapeutic ultrasound: thermal and mechanical. Mechanical relies on sound pulses whereas thermal treatment provides continual stream of sound waves. Most of the therapeutic ultrasound lasts between five to ten minutes and totally painless.  The therapy, relying on the sound waves is a deep tissue therapy actually which helps in relieving chronic pain conditions.

Therapeutic ultrasound is preferred to surgical options for pain relief. Given the advent of portable ultrasound machines, it has become quite feasible for many to use.

The portable ultrasound devices comprise of a transducer which with the help of a gel allow a person to treat body pains easily. Many of these devices cost under $200 although you should opt for that which is FDA approved and has good reviews ensuring definite ultrasound pain relief.

It would be wise to ask a physiotherapist first as he will be able to guide you appropriately regarding ultrasound pain relief treatment for your body. A physiotherapist shall be able to tell you accurately what will be the most suitable choice of treatment for you; thermal or mechanical therapeutic ultrasound. He will make sure that it is performed and administered in the best possible way assuring results.

Scientific studies have mixed opinions regarding therapeutic ultrasound treatment and its benefits. Even then, there is less possibility of harm with the usage of this method to treat pain as compared to surgical options. But still it is worth a try and people are trying it out and achieving results. With the availability of portable ultrasound devices, this treatment has become within reach to many people who can cure there different body pain at home with ease.





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Date: 5/7/2021
Hello, I'm looking to purchase a home Ultrasound machine with the following three features: -1 MHZ -350 KPA -pulsates 1 second one; 5 seconds off. Do you have any of these in stock?
Date: 7/28/2022 6:38:51 PM
I‘m looking for the exact same. Were you successful in finding anything? I would appreciate if you let me know.

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