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TRÚ comfort Deluxe Double Electric Breast Pump
TRÚ comfort Deluxe Double Electric Breast Pump

TRÚ comfort Deluxe Double Electric Breast Pump

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Maternity Care Solutions

TRÚ comfort  Deluxe Double Electric Breast Pump


The TRÚ comfort  Deluxe Electric Breast Pump is the best breast pump on the market with more features than any other brand.  This portable, easy-to-use adjustable pump is a double electric breast pump which combines the effectiveness of a hospital-grade pump with the convenience of a portable pump. It comes with two collection bottles for expressing both breasts simultaneously. It uses a closed-system diaphragm which prevents milk from coming in contact with the tubing or motor. This lightweight quiet pump weighs less than one pound, yet it is durable and dependable enough for daily pumping.

With three preset expression patterns and eight vacuum suction levels, the TRÚ comfort Deluxe can be easily customized to match a baby's nursing habits. The vacuum suction strength can be adjusted independent of the expression pattern cycle. The three expression patterns — Reflex Expression, Swift Expression, and Natural Expression — are designed to mimic the way a baby drinks. The Reflex Expression is the first 15 cycles when the pump is first turned on. It imitates the way a hungry baby latches on with stronger suction. The Swift Expression is the fast and shallow pattern that imitates the nursing pattern of an infant or smaller baby. The Natural Expression imitates the long and deep suckling of an older baby. Toggling between the expression patterns with the expression button is simple. Suction strength is easily adjusted by turning the vacuum adjusting wheel. All changes are gradual to keep the mother comfortable while pumping.

The TRÚ comfort Deluxe is built with the innovative "M" Button (My Favorite Mode) which can be programmed to remember a mother's favorite pumping patterns and recall it for future pumping sessions. The pump also features an easy-to-read LCD display, user-friendly controls, a clock with an alarm to remind mothers when to begin their next expressing session. It can be electric-powered, battery operated, or converted into a manual pump (Manual Pump Diaphragm Kit included). Fits perfectly into the convenient carrying tote (included) for a complete portable solution.

Product Features

• Double electric pump with three preset speed patterns and eight levels of vacuum


• Closed system diaphragm prevents milk back-flow from entering tubing or electric


• Expression button allows the user to toggle between three milk expression patterns:

reflex express, swift express and natural expression

• "M" Button feature – record and recall favorite pumping patterns with one touch

• Clock with alarm function alerts mother when to begin her next pumping session

• LCD Display provides visual status of programs and functions

• Flexible power options – electric-powered, battery operated (4-AA batteries sold

separately) or converted into a manual breast pump (Manual Pump

Diaphragm Kit included)

• Includes two collection bottles that convert from a collection to a feeding bottle

within seconds

• Comes complete with two expression collection combo kits, two bottle adapter kits,

double vacuum tube with adapter, manual pump diaphragm kit, 12V AC/DC adapter, carrying bag and user manual

• BPA Free

• Vacuum – Reflex/Swift Expression: -85 ~ -185 mmHg

• Vacuum – Natural Expression: -110 ~ -250 mmHg

• 1 year warranty on pump and 120 days on all other components

• HCPCS Code: E0603*

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