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TENS vs EMS which is the best for you?

Posted by on 3/11/2017 to Electrotherapy

TENS vs EMS which is the best for you

On the off chance that you experience the ill effects of endless muscle or nerve pain, many may have known about an EMS or TENS unit could give you non-addictive, medicate relief. The EMS and TENS units are intense answers for the treatment of pain, it is vital to comprehend that these devices do not really work similarly.

They have a particular reason and is fruitful at facilitating the inconvenience of various conditions and relieving pain. Recognizing what separates them will guide you to choose on the off chance that you ought to pick a EMS unit, TENS stimulator or a device that offers dual EMS and TENS capacities.

EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation)

These devices are intended to give help by producing stimulations in the muscles. Stimulation of muscular tissues is utilized to cure swelling and irritation that can place a pressure on both the muscles and supporting joints. Causing a reduction in pain, these devices help to reestablish work and keep joints from getting dysfunctional and dislocated because of the strained muscles.

Numerous therapists and specialists prescribe EMS device to the patients for muscle tissue pain relief. It can decrease muscle edema and severe fatigue, which are driving reasons for muscular uneasiness, pain, and reduction in functionality. They are likewise utilized as a part of home and clinical settings to energize recovery, healing that is more prominent by the stimulation of circulation of blood, and the range of the motion will be enhanced.

EMS devices are now and then used in the improvement of local circulation of blood. That is because they are available to reduce the restriction in the muscular motion by stimulating the muscles to move as well as improve the circulation in the surrounding tissues. EMS are especially useful for enhancing circulation in the neck and back on the grounds that these regions have a tendency to experience the ill effects of more pressure than whatever is left of the muscles.


EMS is used for the treatment of the following:

  • Strengthening of muscles
  • Rehabilitation
  • For the prevention of disuse muscular atrophy
  • Muscular relaxation
  • Improving Local blood circulation
  • Cosmetic muscle toning

TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation)

These devices are intended to give relief and comfort by sending impulses that are non-painful and tolerable through the skin into the nerve or motor points. This electronic device frequently decreases or takes out the sensation of pain that a patient feels because of a nerve issue or a health condition that is chronic.

TENS units utilize heartbeats stimulations to divert your thoughts and help keep painful signals from dominating your cerebrum. These units can likewise cause the stimulation of your system to deliver its own normal painkillers. Called endorphins, these regular chemicals are fundamental to reduce pain and reach a state of mind upgrade for the individuals who experience the ill effects of painful diseases or conditions like lower back pain.

TENS device offer an assortment of projects and modes with the goal that treatment can be focused on an individual's needs. It is very simple to understand and modify the modes on devices for most extreme relief. Nonetheless, it is vital to recall that the relief level changes as per the individual and the disease from which they are suffering.


TENS is utilized in the following condition:

  • Arthritis
  • Sciatica
  • Foot pain
  • Back pain
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Labor pain
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome


A TENS unit has the microcurrent that is accessible for the utilization of microcurrent to enhance the quantity of ATP production, which is adenosine triphosphate and the substance that provisions stamina and energy to the body on a cell level.

Utilizing streams of 50 uA to 1000 uA, the ATP creation is five times increased. This means reduced time for recover and additionally expanded time for the pain, including the pain that is chronic. Keep in mind that for the reduction of the pain that is long lasting you may require general microcurrent sessions, in a few people the decrease in the pain starts to last more and the time between sessions stretches.

This might be because of the expanded circulatory activity that empowers the lymph framework to start clearing the collection of amassed poisons. The vibes of both the microcurrent and traditional TENS medicines are more similar to shivering sensations than the repulsive sentiment a little electrical stun.

During both the EMS and the TENS units, transmit electrical signs, the EMS concentrates on the muscle instead of the nerve finishing. EMS utilizes a cycle of incitement, compression and after that unwinding at powers from 1 Mh to 130 Mh to build blood stream to the region, which irritation has to be reduced and advances muscle development and healing. By stimulation of the muscles at their fundamental structure, an EMS unit causes muscle constrictions like those got by exercise. The EMS units are particularly used to anticipate decayed muscles or for retraining muscles, for example, in a person who has been deadened or somewhat incapacitated. Likewise, EMS is utilized for some different applications, for example, scope of movement change, expanded circulatory activity and the counteractive action of blood clumps.

What you should select

Some sufferers of the chronic pain have found that utilizing a blend of both EMS and TENS gives most extreme outcomes. Double units are accessible for that reason and they provide the benefits of both muscle strengthen and pain relief at the cell level.

The devices will reduce the chronic pain and enhance the tone and functionality of muscles. Be that as it may, utilization of these gadgets ought to be observed by an expert so that the anodes are appropriately put and the correct flag is utilized. Cathode situation ought to shift with every treatment and the individuals who are pregnant, have seizures or have a pacemaker ought not to utilize either TENS or EMS without the particular guidance of their Physical therapist.

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