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Electrodes explained: How electrodes work

Posted by on 7/21/2015 to Electrotherapy
Electrodes explained: How electrodes work 

Forming the basis of 'transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation' (TENS), electrodes are wonderful little things. While they may sound complicated, how electrodes work is actually quite simple. 

You may remember learning about electrodes in your high school physics class. Electrodes, at their most basic, are electrical conductors. Electrodes -- which are also referred to as 'electrochemical cells' -- simply provide a conduit for positive and negative electrons to travel through, from site A to B in a circuit.

These little electrodes form the basis of TENS therapy -- meaning that while they may be simple in principle, they are important for pain relief. In a TENS treatment, two sticky pads with conductors are placed at or around the site of pain. Then, a weak electrical current is run between the two pads.While this electrical current is barely perceptible for the patient, it does something very important: it activates electrodes. As the electrodes carry the weak current from one pad to the other, they interrupt pain signals to the brain. The patient may feel a tingling sensation as the electrodes work to change the brain's perception of pain. The results of these little electrodes is big. Through TENS therapy, electrodes work to provide effective pain relief.

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Darla Franklin
Date: 10/28/2018
If you have sciatica or pain still and issues from your back., The tens machine is for you. I wish I had known sooner. When my pain starts up, I take a pill and then use my tens until my pill kicks in. The machine has several settings for what kind of stimulation you want like acupuncture or cupping or massage. Then it has another button for intensity. You control it all depending on your pain. I only paid 12 dollars for my machine and I LOVE it.
Charlotte Suiter
Date: 7/30/2020
i need the large ones.please.' those little tiny ones just don't do the trick for me
Date: 11/27/2020
You don't need biggest patches, as a long time user, placement is absolutely key. I had my sciatic nerve crushed and have been using one for years, for instance,if my whole leg is lit up, I put one on the side of my foot, and the other on the bottom of the scar on my back. You have to play around with the placement, you'll find it, and when you 5,WOW relief...
Robert Head
Date: 4/4/2023
Date: 2/14/2024
I currently use the sticky pads. My problem is in the middle of my thoracic back. I need something that I can put on myself without having another person do it for me do you have anything available like that. If it wasn't for my TENS unit I would be in constant misery

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